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Client Web Portals

Secure electronic portals are accessible through our company web site ( 24/7.

  • There is a demo client available on the “Client Login” tab on our web site. Login instructions are also on the same tab.

View your current and prior year tax returns.

View your supporting documents.

Print any viewable document.

Save any document to your computer in Adobe Acrobat® format.

Ability to securely exchange documents and files.

Client Tax Organizer will be available on-line for printing or viewing if you choose.

Client Tax Organizer may be filled out and transmitted on line.

If you have multiple tax returns prepared by our firm, they can all be viewed on one portal and/or separately on unique portals for each firm or client.

  • For legal reasons, if you have a dependent eighteen years old or older, we cannot combine their tax return information with your portal without specific written permission. Please contact us for details if you have this situation. You may also see the "W&A Forms" tab for a blank permission form.
  • There may be certain restrictions on setting up portals for minors whose tax returns we prepare at a reduced fee. Please contact us for details if you have this situation.

Multiple owners of one corporation or partnership have the option of also seeing the businesses Web Client Portal information on their individual Web Client Portal.

2009 tax returns and later will automatically be available if you opt into the service.

2008 and older tax returns and associated documents will be uploaded by request.

You will have to opt in or out of using the Portals. We will not automatically include your information on the portals if you do not choose to opt in.

You will receive e-mail notification of document uploads or changes on your portal.

As long as you remain our client, we currently plan to maintain your tax returns on the portal for seven years.

If you would like more information, please Contact Us or Click here to see an overview Flash Video about NetClient Web Portals.

Hosted Accounting Solutions

Third Party Secure Hosting: You can get out of the IT business and back into your business.

Accessible from anywhere you have internet access 24/7.

No more transferring data files from your computer to us.

Works for QuickBooks® and Peachtree® accounting software (typically the newer versions).

Use your own license or lease a license for a nominal fee that is lower than purchasing a new copy annually. The current QuickBooks Pro® lease fee is $ 7.50 per month per license. This includes automatic upgrades to the most current version of QuickBooks®. The software is the same as you buy at retail and load on your desktop computer. It is NOT a less capable web version.

$ 50 per month per login (simultaneous user). If you want multiple simultaneous users, you just sign up for more logins.

  • There is a onetime setup fee of $75 per login. This is a direct pass through fee that W&A does not keep.

Nightly backups by the hosting company that are retained by them for at least thirty days. No more hard drive crashes or lost data.

You may also back the data up to your local hard drive.

Software updates are performed for you. You are always on the most current release and you save the time and worry of having to be an IT person.

You may have multiple companies under one login. The security and users for each company is set in exactly the same fashion as on the desktop versions of your software.

Once you login to the hosted accounting package, it looks and works like it is on your desktop.

Wheeler & Associates, PC has access, with your permission, to the same data files you are using. No more file transfers at year end and you don't have to quit working on your data. You have no additional fees for our access to your data.

You have individual security for each user who has access to your accounting data, just like on your desktop.

You can keep your books just like you do now, we can do it for you or the duties can be split up between us. Spend your time earning money rather than keeping the books. Using Wheeler & Associates, PC to do many of these accounting functions will allow you to redirect you or your staff's time to more productive areas.

  • Our fees for this work depend on volume and complexity. Please contact us in order to discuss what they may be.
  • The more work we do for you during the year, the more it will lower your year-end fees.

No more waiting until year end or the next year to see how your company is doing. It is critical in today's economy to know how your company is doing in a timely manner.

Payroll processing can be included, just like on your desktop or we can do the processing for you. Contact us to discuss the various solutions available.1

Your merchant service account, if you have one, will work the same as it does with your desktop software. If you don't have one and want to accept credit cards, one can be set up for you.1

You can have the ability to electronically send invoices and collect the payments. The same for your vendor invoices and payments.1


1 Many of these services involve extra processing fees to the third party providers or financial institutions.

If you would like more information, please Contact Us.